NEET 2020 Affidavit for Single Girl Child

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No Certificate is to be uploaded in the Online application Form of NEET (UG) – 2020, all the necessary documents related to Caste and Community will be verified at the Counselling by concerned Central / State Counselling Authority.

Do we need to submit single girl child declaration at the time of application or at the time of verification?
Rs 50 stamp is required, will Rs 50 franking will do or only stamp is must?

You need not to upload the certificate. You have to produce at the time of document verification. You need to get the certificate on Rs. 50 Stamp Paper. Stamped paper is an often-foolscap piece of paper which bears a pre-printed revenue stamp. Stamped papers are not a form of postal stationery.

I belong to OBC NCL and have Unknowingly entered the wrong income that is (50, 000-1,00,000) according to old income certificate instead of (1,00,000-2,00,000) the new income certificate.
What will happen if I produce the new income certificate with income in the range of 1,00,000-2,00,000.
Will the income get auto-corrected according to the documents provided during NEET counselling? I hope you help regarding this correction.

Will the single girl child affidavit be applied,if she has boy as sibling ,or it must be the only child that’s girl.

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